Privacy Policy

We are very serious about clients’ confidentiality. Therefore the personal details shared by our clients are for maintaining our data and not shared with anyone under any condition.

Collection of Data :
We collect data for lead generation, for getting in touch with our clients and at the time of signing the contract.

Collection of Data through Cookie
Like any other digital marketing company, we too collect cookies for improving your online experience, for targeting the right product or service to you, and personalize the website content as per your preference.

Information sharing
No information under any condition is shared with the 3rd party companies unless it is for the billing purpose to the credit card companies.

Testimonials hold great value for our company. We use it as a positive reinforcement to improve our service quality and serve our clients better. If for any reason you are uncomfortable sharing that information on our site then do let us know we will remove it from our page at our earliest.

Disclosure of our Identity
We will disclose our identity as we deem it legally right to do so.

Change in Private Policy
You will be notified of any changes in our privacy policy through email and you hold the right to question any change if it is unclear to you.

Contact Us
If you have any concern or query about our privacy policy then contact us and we will get back to you.